For Police Departments, The Tesla Cybertruck Is A Must-Have Vehicle

The Tesla Cybertruck gained a lot of traction because of its futuristic design, massive electric range, big towing capacity, and impressive acceleration. These features make the all-electric pickup truck from Tesla very appealing to a lot of police departments all over the world. And, before the pre-order window closes, some of these police departments have secured to reserve some units for their fleet.

One of the more recent Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders was made by Ciudad Valles in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. In an interview with El Imparcial, Mayor Adrian Esper Cardenas shared that he ordered 15 units of Tesla Cybertruck that will be used mainly for the police force of the municipality. The vehicles will also be used in some burdensome tasks like pulling water pipes and garbage containers because of the truck’s speed and strength, according to the municipal mayor.

For Dubai police departments, the Tesla Cybertruck is also about luxury. The United Arab Emirates Dubai Police Force is known to have high-end and luxurious sports cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris in its police chase cars lineup. Last November, Dubai Police announced that it had pre-ordered Tesla Cybertruck to make it a part of its luxurious police fleet.

The Tesla Cybertruck would help improve security presence in tourist sports like the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Burj Khalifa, La Mer, and Jumeirah Beach Residence, says Commander-in-Chief Maj Gen. Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri. But, beyond the luxury, Khalifa wants the Cybertruck because of its extra-tough steel exoskeleton ideal for extra wear and tear even in off-road situations.

The Kansas highway patrol is also looking forward to using the Tesla Cybertruck for its fleet of police chase cars. In its official Twitter account, the Kansas Highway Patrol shared an image of the Tesla Cybertruck with the logo of the police department. The increasing number of Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders by various police departments across the globe reflects how beyond its look, people find the all-electric pickup truck useful for their police functions.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared in Nov. 2019 that the pre-orders of Tesla Cybertruck has reached 250,000. The all-electric pickup truck from Tesla will enter production in 2021.


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